Thursday, July 21, 2011

Katie Kissoon - I Need A Man In My Life

me in the 80s
So I woke up this morning at 4:30 AM again. I have not been able to sleep and  I got up and let the dogs out.  I felt tired and worried and not in a good mood. I came in and sat down at the computer. When I hit a button all of a sudden this song came pouring out from Itunes. 

This was my happy song back in the 80s. I was in school at Pauls Beauty College and one of my friends was a DJ at a GAY bar called Angles (where you know they have the best dance music evuh!)and made me what he called my "Happy Tape". He knew when I heard this music it made me dance and sing and feel like a million dollars. I would just pull this happiness up from someplace and run with it. 

As I listened to it I felt this smile creeping up on my face and I started Laughing. I love it when joy sneaks up on you like that. 

Good morning I hope you get happy feet today.

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