Thursday, May 5, 2011



I got to thinking this morning, "What things have I learned that make a difference in my life that I think are important?" 

So I put together some read em if you want....


You can love each other with all your heart but sometimes your just different. You can agree to disagree and not talk about the stuff you don't agree on or you can ruin every family gathering by arguing. My advice is get out the board games and shut up.

Nothing prepares you for how in love you will be with your kid. NOTHING.....
Imagine if you will your chest in a vice and your heart along with it. But IN A GOOD WAY. Thats what swelled with love means.

My husband is the best friend I'll ever have. Even when Im going off like a rabid chihuaha he loves me. Just from the other room. With the door shut. And locked.

I understand now what those little red paper flowers they sold on the drug store counters mean, the honor the vets poppies. I know why people are proud of serving thier country. I get it that there are people who will DO ANYTHING just to live here and be in AMERICA. Im proud of the soldiers and sailors and grunts and wacs and all those people. Thank you thank you for the sacrifices you and your families make. I may not always agree with why the government sends you someplace but I am proud of the way you take care of business while you are there. Yes there are some bad guys but the good far outnumber the bad and I AM PROUD OF YOU< IM PROUD OF MY COUNTRY< IF YOU DON"T LOVE AMERICA THEN MOVE TO FRANCE!


It still hurts to lose your dog or cat no matter how old you are or how long they have been gone. You are going to miss them, so let the cat sleep on your feet and scratch the dog even when she's stinky.
I know its just stuff. I would miss it but hey you wanna know what I take to the basement when the tornado siren blows? My kid, my animals, my picture albums and a quilt my granny made me 30 years ago. My husband is the one who stands out on the porch and goes" YUK YUK Lookee there at that tornaydee I never seen one lahk that" I pray for you honey , while your on the porch. Join us if you'd like.

Dont squander your time it is hard to lose. Spend it with the people who matter most.
Take a couple of hours and visit your Grandpa even if he tells you the story about the drivin in the snowstorm with you in your Grandmas lap  19 times. You can annoy your family with it.

Talk to your little boy about his day. Don't turn on the radio talk about what he did, soon enough he will be sitting with his I-pod on ignoring you. Then you will wish he was telling you all about the cockroach they were trying to sell at recess.
Sit next to your husband, hold his hand, and listen to him talk about his work out. Act interested its good for you. Look at it like a test to see how long you can really listen without interrupting to ask him to empty the dryer for you.

John Lennon said "Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans." 


Clean out your closets. Don't be pack rat. You will probably never be able to fit into the dress you wore to your cousin Janices disco party back in 1992. That ice cream ball you got for your birthday in 2000? Have you used it? No. Get rid of it. Same goes for people. 
That friend you had for 10 years that never called after she got married unless something bad happened? Its OK to to not talk on the phone for longer than a few minutes When she calls because she needs some sympathy. And you have not talked to her since she called a year ago with the same problems. OK I was just walking out the door BYE BYE.

                                                        "I gotta tell you sumpin Will."

 Then call your other friend you have had for over 10 years. The one who calls and says Guess what, when can I see you, whats been happening, something great happened to me today, hows your dog, your cat your family, your job, I love you etc. Those are the 2 hour on the phone friends.... The ones you keep. The ones you'd have to kill because they know all your secrets.

Its OK to have friends that you really like and then they move on down the path and you send them off with a tear, a hug a smile and wish them the best. Its parta life. We all gotta buzz on outta the honey hive someday.


I am a size 7. long beautiful blonde hair, smooth unblemished skin, lovely features. Firm body perky breasts, flat tummy.

That was me then, about 30 years ago. Now Im a size I had a baby 8 years ago and he left me fatter and with a much larger butt, am allergic to exercise, love beer, laughed too much and got wrinkles around my eyes and lips, spent too much time in the sunshine and got some tan spots on my cheeks and my lovely features? Well they held up OK just got a little softer and puffier. In fact thats me all over. I have to wear stretchy jeans now to create the illusion I can hold my stomach in. And the only perky anything is my personality. 

But thats what I see when I look at me. My Husband however says Im beautiful and tries to roll me around like Im as bendy as a 20 year old. He says Im the cutest little fat girl and he wouldnt want anybody else. Im not offended by it. Im realistic. 
Most women don't have the life of hollywood women who have a kid and 5 minutes later they are a size 2. But they don't get to have a good plate of ribs from Bedlam BBQ. They go to bed hungry and spend 4 hours a day working out. I walk around the yard and play with the dog and go up and down the stairs in my house. They spend 8 hours getting ready for a glamourous red carpet and can't sit down in the dress they are wearing while I am in my comfy robe snuggled up on the couch with a cute little boy on my lap.

Beauty is a trade-off....

Just what a little of what Ive learned thats worth knowin...


  1. Awww........Suz, that was awesome. What a great insight, we all should stop and really evaluate what is important. You are a beautiful person, inside and out! xoxo


  2. I needed this today! Thank you for your wisdom!

  3. Please, please, please.....

    don't ever stop writing.


  4. best. post. ever. Thanks for sharing!