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Operation get it ready

June 18, 2008 - Wednesday 

Operation get it ready 
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So we found this amazing house and decided we wanted to try and buy it. Of course the sale is contingent on us selling ours first so it needs to be made "showready".

Do you know what its like to get show ready when you have lived someplace 11 years? In a place with 2 of the largest pack rats you have ever seen disguised as really cute boys? On the outside they are all smiling but on the inside they are thinking of caches of all kinds of random objects tucked away under the bed, in the chair, behind the door, in the closet. Things even they have forgotten about?

Not to mention me. Yes me. Im am a admitted bibliophile and so is the Hub. Books, books and more books. Currently I hold 4 autographed first edtions of authors ( one of which I found in of all places a thrift store.) 

So I start in the LR and what do I pack for about 10 hours? You know it books.  My friend Betsy she helps and suggests I get rid of them and use the library more. Of course she does she has moved about 5 times in 5 years she should know the ins and outs...

And Oh my the cleaning. I have not deep cleaned in years. My furniture kept it all covered up. Heres what i clean in usually.

Then its all the knicky knacky crap, then its dust, and sweep , and thank you for my painting obsessed friend Nicole who followed along behind me and helped paint the wall in the LR and the entire Bath.

Sweet Nicole the ZEN painter
Meanwhile my hub and my brother David are holed up in the BR fixing stuff for about two days. Then here comes super painter behind them she's almost like a yogi I dont know why she needs a ladder when she could just serenly float up to the wall and start.

My friend Carol comes to help pack the kitchen and were cleaning cabinets and finding all kinds of wierd crumbs and stuff I dont even know if its ever been discovered before
I feel like Indiana Jones and the temple of the lost shelf paper. My GOD WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY DISHES!? And spices and wow so I just start throwing a bunch of it in the trash and in giveaway boxes. At this point Id be happy to just eat off paper plates for the rest of my life. I make a vow to never buy anythng but salt and pepper again.

Then Amy comes and she helps pack more kitchen and then you guessed it we run out of boxes. So off we go to do some stuff to the little boys room. After cleaning nine pounds of dryer lint of the top shelf oh wait no thats DUST! she helps me get his room cleaned up. Poor Conor is not gonna know where to find anything. In fact well allot of it is in the trash. But we get some of it out. Larry is carrying my box of dishes out to the truck and trips and falls on the porch but ends up balancing the box with his foot and his hand. ( Hey he could hire out as a box juggler /acrobat for a part time job) I wonder how many dishes have survived. Well I was committed to paper plates anyway BEFORE that.

And did i mention that our ONLY family car is in the shop? So none of us can go together as a family because there is hardly room for three in an area the size of and airplane seat in the pick up. Well its working out people are already driving by looking at our house even tho it looks like a bomb has gone off.

I'll keep ya posted....

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