Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Monday Monday

Monday the day of promise, the start of a time of renewal and couple it with spring the suns is shining, the birds are singing, and my heads throbbing. Damn allergies. I was loaded on every med I could take and not fall into a coma for the day. I was a mess, going from room to room not finishing anything, forgetting what I was doing, realized it was time to leave for Do Fitness and after I got there I thought "Why is it so hard to do the Elliptical for 20 minutes today?" Oh I forgot my 5 hour energy. No they are not a sponsor and maybe its a placebo effect but I always have one before I work out. I feel like it helps me to sustain so I dont get halfway though and fall over like a giant slug. Oh and since Miss Perky Pants has made my sessions more challenging  which translated means" Guess what its going to be so much harder you will feel like those rowers in the bottom of a viking ship ." I have to have something to hang onto. Especially since today was arm and core day. Strikes fear into your heart dont it?

Jenn comes in "How are you?' Going straight for the sympathy gland I whine "I have a headache." Meanwhile she is setting everything up and says, "Im sorry *sweet smile* , we are going to start with running today since you said you like to just burst into a run sometimes it will be fun."
Hey what? Do I look like Forrest Gump? NO! Yes and I did. I ran like that poor guy in the jungle movies who gets swallered up in the quicksand....

Follow this with another favorite the "Bitch heres your crunches set". We started out with my favorite where you lay on your back with your legs up in the air, ankles crossed, a baby elephant on your belly and try to lift your abs off the floor about a million times just using your belly muscles. Yes you have them they are buried under the nachos you ate last week. I think you MIGHT have been able to slide a piece of paper under my butt  it made that much elevation. While Im doing this Im thinking about the last 5 months and the choices I have made that have kept me from losing more weight, Mexican Food, Christmas, Valentines, and Easter candy, ( Cadburys eggs should have thier own 12 step program) the occasional Famous Amos cookies and snickers bar around 4 o clock at work curse you vending machine, french fries, Anns Chicken Fry, Jimmys Egg  and party food. I love going to parties and eating, chips and dip YOU KNOW.... Im truly a food addict I admit it. So this is what Im thinking while I continue trying to lift the baby elephant off the floor.

Im also thinking about it while Im doing my weights for my arms. Yes we stepped that up too.( I crack Larry up because I will take my arm and press it around till I look like Arnold S. I wish I was as strong as Arnold. I hate my arms!)
The arm part felt like it just kept going and going. I was making as much noise as those strong men who drag the Semi down the road with thier teeth.

After awhile I couldn't have lifted arms back up if you had put burning coals under them even though I kept trying. ( I will certainly have to invest in some extra Botox because the faces I make will  scare small children and be etched until my wrinkles have wrinkles forever!) Right when Im ready to give up and just scream "IM DONE!" I feel Jenn put her fingers under my hands and help me finish the set. Im so glad to stop I forget Im holding the weights so she takes them from me and says "Great Job Suzanne!"

After that she turned down the lights we got on the mats and she helped me stretch it all out. She even pulled on my feet to align me. She not only helps me build my strength up  she helps build my spirit. She tells my mind to be kind and love my heart. She reminds me to love my body for working hard and not hate it because its not perfect. She reminds me a setback is just a setup for a comeback.  She inspires me not to give up. NEVER GIVE UP.....

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