Thursday, May 5, 2011

Momma Foo


Momma Foo 
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So when you were a kid growing up I KNOW you heard your parents say the followin

Because Im your (choose one Mom or Dad) insert here- thats why!

If all the other kids jumped would you?

Because I said so, and when I was your age blah blah blah....

I continually hoped that my Mom would get laryngitis at least til I was out of the house but it never happened. She just kept on an on til I finally moved out when I was 17 and she still tries but now i pull my own card on her. Its called Mommy FOO.

You know how its so unPC to get onto your kids by raising your voice or smacking the butt? I have overcome it with MommyFOO and you can use it too.
Theres the Flaming eye of the dragon look. It conists of a slight clearing of the throat, raising the left eyebrow slowly and staring directly. Then you can add the head tilt and lip press followed by narrowing of the left eye and a deep intake (LOUD) of breath followed by the whoosh thru the nose.

When I do that even the dog goes under the bed.

There is also the Blazing dragon tounge. First you start out with the soft name call. Sort of drawing out the first syllable. THen you proceed to the teeth gritting and volume raise. Finally its the midvolume hiss/grit with the last name thrown in and a glare for good measure. When this is combined with the dragon eye well Conor gets under the bed with the dog.

You can practice this in the mirror, but be careful, you MAY see your parent..


  1. Oh yeah, I have this one down!

  2. I lost my Flaming eye and Blazing dragon tongue when my wonderful grand children were born. I have more fun now and a lot less stress. My grand children think I am a Queen and love me beyond measure. They do too!