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Stealing Art

May 2006
Stealing Art 
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Well yesterday the fam and I got up early to avoid the crowds and the Okie heat and went to the Paseo Festival. 

Now for those who dont know Oklahoma City has an amazing Artist district tucked away in the bosom of our burg. Its not huge its modestly sized. When I was a little girl about a million years ago I remember my Mom driving thru and calling it "Hippie Town". We looked at a house there once it had wildly painted walls and they had painted a babys feet and walked them up the walls and across the ceiling in one of the bedrooms which I thought was pretty great since I was only 9. Of couse my Mom being more conservative decided she'd pass and stay in our little brick house in Mayfair awhile longer.

Anyway I dIgress. So off I traipse with my camera like I do every year , I love to take pictures of the people and the colors of the buildings ( yellow, pink, blue, like florida) I like to take pictures of the pictures just to look at them and how unique they are. I love the glass and sculpture and jewelry. 
So I am in a tent no artist there and I see a picture of a sunset. I take a shot but its a little blurry so I take another one and this guy in a hawaiian shirt comes stomping in "One picture is enough, you could have at least asked!" I felt bad and said "Im sorry I would have asked but noone was here I can delete it..." But he ignores me and goes to adjust the back of his tent making sure I can hear as he says " What a bunch of shit I bet you would blah blah blah....." Now I am pretty upset so I just leave and go into the next tent and I hear him tell the other artist "Yeah they come in with cameras and the next thing you know its up on the net." So I turn around and step up and say "I was not taking it to put it on the net, I just wanted it for me." The other artist tried to smooth things over and said" he wasnt talking about you maam." So I told him "Well he sure was about 2 minutes ago, I never meant to upset anyone."
I was in a tent looking at photos and the photographer Tresa said "Oh honey dont pay any attention some of these artists are just tempermental and fulla themselves they think if you dont ask your tryin to steal something from em when sometimes it wouldnt even look good ona gas station calender." We chatted about some of the things that she had seen and taken pictures of the last couple of days and I felt better. But it made me think about the nature of art and what and who its for.

If I shoot a picture I do it be cause I love it, I want to create something that others can see and appreciate and sometimes to send a message. Sometimes to record an event I have never shot a life changing or newsworthy picture but maybe someday. I hope when they see it or read it stirs something in them they can identify and in the heart they say yes, yes, I know that.

I have done some special shoots where I spent time and effort doing some thing specific, but I never charge anyone for it and certainly dont mind sharing the art with them so they can enjoy it too. 

I believe God gave me a good eye ( and digital is the greatest invention since fire) and I was fortunate to discover it and have always been really excited if it brought happiness to others. I guess that its naive to think that even if I made my living at creating art I would be so open about sharing but you know what? I like to think I would. I like to think if I wrote a song I would not mind if someone sang it to someone else or if I painted a picture I would not be mad if someone took a picture of it just to enjoy looking at it that I would not mind if I took a photo and someone wanted a copy they could copy it without worrying I was going to throw a fit about it. I do understand about copyrights, and such to protect the artist I know that its there so they can protect thier livlihood and totally support that. I hate it when big corp. screw over the artist and steal from them, but thats not me. I hate when someone "Steals" thats why its in the 10 commanments and if you dont believe in God you still dont do it if you are a good person.

I also feel like this, its all of us out here who love the pictures, the pots, the rings, the stories,the art art art and if we were not here the artist might not be either. So if some girl in a big straw hat comes wandering by and wants to take a picture of your art don't get mad just say Im flattered but please don't or hell yeah fire away and send me one while our at it!

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  1. It's a difficult task to pretend you are a famous schlomo that everyone wants to "steal" from. Especially when you are actually just an ordinary schlomo like all the rest of us.

    I would have laughed at the poor schmo. :-P