Thursday, May 5, 2011

Little Summer Lover


the Park 
Current mood:  sympathetic 
Category: Writing and Poetry
I see you watch me in the park while the kids play
under the trees the wind plays dapples across your face and I think of the way your whiskers felt on my neck in the afternoon 
and the sun played across the fine hair of your arms while we tried to be quiet in our fever and the kids napped
the smell of suntan lotion and soap and sweat in my face and after we'd smoke and drink tea and then goodbye 

So it got to be too much
thinking you want free
but then you don't 
you watch the skateboarders in the park and long to be like them 
they are so alive

you write the letter and pack your bag but then your back home again
your bag in the trunk the letter in some trash bin on the street
you never came
And I push my daughter in the swing at night and cry for what we didnt have

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