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Im Predjudiced

may 2007

Im Predjudiced 
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Okay its time to come out of the closet and admit it.... Im predjudiced.

Yes its true. I am and i have decided that being human and imperfect I will confess it and hope others will too. I also cannot spell.

I am predjudiced when people expect the govt, money for the rest of thier life. You make a mistake, maybe you have a baby and are all alone, or you got really sick and had to go on disability, whatever the case a hand up does not equal a hand out. Its one thing if you are REALLY DISABLED but when I meet people who are just as able bodied as myself on welfare or disability it pisses me off. My mom raised 2 kids by herself , she worked her ass off and never went on welfare or had food stamps. I worked 3 jobs to pay my rent, and bills. Yeah I was tired, no I never got to go on vacation, I didnt drive a nice car it was a clunker but you know what I did have? I knew i could sleep at night because I could take care of myself. i had a backbone. It was a tired backbone but I had one.

Or they are crying because thier race was mistreated. IT SUCKS< IT WAS SHAMEFUL< BUT GET OVER IT! You are not in bondage anymore except in your own mind! The Native Americans were treated like shit, so were the blacks, the Jews , the Irish, it goes on and on. Women and little kids were treated like slaves and had 0 rights. But things are different it is not the 1800's anymore. We can make a difference.
One person can make a difference. You need to stop making excuses. Oh its the man keeping me down oppressing me, I grew up in a bad nieghborhood , My parents hated me, blah blah blah. Guess what? You have a choice! Make decision to better yourself, make up your mind that you are going to change your life, don't wait around for someone else to come along and save your ass. Get up get out do something honorable! Pride is not a cheap dish. If you have to wash dishes or wait tables or clean floors or work on a dock do it. Do it with honor, be proud, and know its your money and not a hand out and keep trying to do better. Treat other people better, become a stand up person, a person you'd be proud to know.

A friend of mine once gave me the best piece of advice I have ever had she said,
" Just because you fall into a pile of shit does not mean you have to wallow in it."

Yup i have fallen I stunk i got up I fell again, we all do. But you know what comes up out of manure piles?


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