Monday, May 16, 2011

Griswald Family Christmas 2007

No its not my tree but mine looks that big

So I can't believe that the Holidays have already come and gone. I feel like a bobble head in a NASCAR. I am looking at my living and dining room. Christmas has thrown up in my house. I mean its everywhere. I have been working and working trying to get it all put away but its like it grows overnight. Not to mention I am still finding paper all over under chairs, on cieling fans it was wild. 

I tried this year to cut down on the amount of decorating in the house but Larry and Conor helpfully unpacked every box ( 7 giant tubs) for me one day while I was at work so I did it all one more time. We figured out our tree is like 15 years old now. It was larrys and he inheritied it from his folks. He actually would decorate it with these artificial poinsettas and it looked OK till they sarted to turn brown from being oh I dont know 100 years old? I was feeling ambitious and went and bought the last tree at Lowes for next year. I did not however look at how tall it is, and after loading it ( HEAVY!) driving with the hatch open to storage unit ( Mommy I am freezing!) and dragging it into the unit I realized it is 9FEET TALL. Yes its a Griswald family Christmas in 2007. We will just cut a hole in the roof and call it done. I told Conor we can tape our red plastic light up star to the top with Duct tape and use a couple of extension cords so it lights up. I thought maybe we should put a red light on the outside too so Santa does not run into it when he lands on the roof. It will look just like a radio tower.

My Dad was here for the week of Christmas. First one I ever spent with him. It was kinda wierd. I did not want him to feel left out so I went and bought him a stocking and some gifts to open with us. I felt like I was mothering my Dad ICK! I do not want to fall into that, he has done fine without me for my whole life . I have a hard enough time mothering Larry and Conor and the animals. Yes even the animals need to mothered and all you pet lovers don't even pretend that you don't know what Im talking about I know that you bought your animals Santa Stockings too!

New Years. I loved both days. I love to be with people who are so comfortable you call them family even tho you are not related by blood or marriage. It is so nice when they know about you and you can just be yourself. They know about the time you got drunk at the country club and put glow in the dark wires on your head lke antennas just to freak out all the rich peoples kids. They may have been out on a date the same night you were at the bar but you can spot shoes under the bathroom door at Dennys and know its them. They have made you laugh til you want to throw up. They have seen you cry, seen you sick, seen you so in the throes of new parenthood covered with baby barf and tired as hell. I am lucky. I have Becky, Margie, Will, they have known me long enough. They know all my issues and I don't have to explain anything to them and its just the best. 

My wish is for you to have somebody like that in your life too. 

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