Monday, April 18, 2011

Ugly furniture 3/09/2009

So for about 3 months i have been looking for a couch. I don't care if its a used couch just attractive, clean, well made, not too expensive.

I have looked in the stores and not seen anything new that just screamed take me home Im perfect. So I thought I'd just get on the internet.

I have been perusing Craigs List. I cannot believe the stuff they have on there. It is the most hideous upholstry I have ever seen. Who honestly wants a couch with chickens okay maybe it was roosters and corn on it? But that was not the best one the best one was this amazingly loud turquoise, pink, and tan "Southwest style" that I have not seen since I drove past the apartment dumpster a few years back. I mean some of this stuff is so bad you would not even put it in the garage to sit on with the dog back in the days when I used to smoke the herb.

And then there is the overstuffed microfiber that looks like it came straight from a manufactered home or one of those trailers you buy that come furnished and then everything breaks after a year. I mean really if you sat on it for too long you'd just slide into the dent between the cushions and smother to death because you could not break free of the stuffing. Someone would sit down and think that you were a pillow that got stuffed in there somehow. But the best is the sectional that comes with the stereo cassette deck in the corner with a fridge. You could just install a portapotti on the end and never leave the living room.

And the descriptions

Beautiful 1970s - Damask Polyester leisure suit material
comfy-has a dent worn in the seat.
Nearly new- 8 to 10 years old
great for napping- sweat stains
Only had formal LR- so uncomfortable you can't sit on it for too long or you start looking for the Spanish Inquisition
great for kids- stained covered with blanket been in storage- probably has spider family

These people are so proud of this furniture they are asking outragous prices for it. I mean seriously a used chair for 300.00? What are the screws inlaid with gold or something?
I don't get it. Some of it you could not GIVE AWAY PEOPLE! It has become an obsession now to look at craigs list and see whats for sale. I found a woman selling a those aluminium TV trays with the fake wood inlay from the 70's for 10.00. I saw a acrylic grape hanging lamp for 60.00.

I guess someone will pay for it....

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  1. Who honestly wants a couch with chickens okay maybe it was roosters and corn on it?

    Well, duh! That would be me. :-)