Monday, April 18, 2011

thebigassold/new house from 9/2009

So we got our dream house. WOOHOO. I had my own bathroom for a whole week. Just my stuff, only my soapy ring in the tub the shower curtain smells faintly of sweet when you pull it aside. Clean, white, towels and rug. No stinky boy dirt around the edge.

Plenty of room. No toys scattered across the bottom, a nice little rack for all my girlie stuff.

Well i did share it with the cat. Her food on the sink so the great white shark I mean dog can't eat it.

Then Sat Larry tells me we have water coming out of the cieling. Im back to using the phonebooth after the boys. A big basket of Conors toys in the bottom, and carrying my toiletries like I was living in a dorm.

Now I have a six and a half foot hole in my TV room cieling and may have to rip out the phone booth, I mean shower to fix the leaky faucets in "my bathroom".


  1. I hear wondrous things about your bigassold house. Sounds pretty nifty even with holes in the ceiling.

  2. Let me just tell you it is MAHVELOUS to have your own clean bathroom and big kitchen. I cannot complain a bit!