Monday, April 18, 2011

Orange you glad you aren't a pumpkin? 12/11/2008

In October I bought 2 beautiful big pumpkins for the porch. About a week ago I came out and it looked like someone with a tiny carving knife had been working away on the side. We figured a cat or squirrel was messing around. A couple of days later I come out the door and surprised the squirrel mauling my pumpkin, all I saw was a flash of tail and a spray of seeds. I said " I caught you , you pumpkin molester!" But he just watched from across the street. I see he's made quite a hole in it now. Its big enough for him to climb in and out. Maybe its his hide out like the bat-cave only sort of orange. Or a sort of eco green tree hugger ( haha tree hugger a squirrel!) sort of condo.

Anyway I read on the internet that lots of peoples pumpkins have been molested by our furry friends this year. Scientists say it could be because we are facing a really long, cold, winter. If thats the case I want to hear all about GLOBAL WARMING while Im freezing my ass off here in Oklahoma. Sorry I digress. So I decided if they are eating pumpkins, maybe they would eat old fruit that neds to be thrown away like apples. SO now I have those in the front yard. The birds like them. Maybe for Christmas I'll throw out some oranges and cool whip and old squirrely pants can whip himself up a fruit salad. Or if it ferments maybe he'll get drunk for New Years Eve.....

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  1. Oh my heavens. I actually snorted I laughed so hard. You kill me!