Monday, April 18, 2011

a new kid in town 02/14/2008

As I was going up the stairs to get my shoes I glanced out the window. On the lawn next to my house I saw a beautiful Hawk trying to keep a bird down so he could enjoy a little breakfast. Now I have only seen this up close once before.
Last year on the grass next to work a very small young hawk eating who people were walking RIGHT PAST without seeing ( It was only about 8am) and it was right there .

I have developed a compassion for the animal predators of this world as they have thier place and are Gods form of balance. I called my little boy to come look and we watched thru the window til the hawk carried his prey up into a tree.

Im happy to say I saw it again this morning behind a neighbors house in thier tree. My next door neighbors have a roof falling apart around the seams and TONS of pidgeons and I hope that kid stuffs itself til everyone of those pidgies are gone. Not that I hate the pidgies I just think they are messy and can't be a good thing living almost in the house next door.

So keep your little dogs, your little cats and any other little pets in the house cause there is a new kid in town and he's looking at staying I HOPE!

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  1. Oy! It's like Animal Planet over at your house.