Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Boxing Bunnies for Easter

It was a beautiful morning. Dropped the Conor off at school and changed into my jumpin around clothes to meet Jenn at the park for my buddy workout. As I was pulling in I got a text from my buddy saying she couldn't meet me she wasn't feeling well. She will be sorry she wasn't there. It was highly entertaining.

We started warming up to the sound of the all hispanic roofing crew banging away and casting curious glances at us as we did our stretches and talked about what we were going to do. Now in case you DIDn't know Jennifer Maynard my trainer is a professional Boxer and certified Instructor of Krav Maga a form of Deadly Israeli Self Defense. You would never know looking at her. Young. curvy like a pin up, cheerful sweet natured kick your ass machine. In order to build my fitness level and keep from being bored she is teaching me Boxing. Now one of the big things in boxing is the jump rope. You know you have seen it in the Rocky movies, the boxer training, the rope tick tick tick on the floor, the feet alternating like a dancers, quick and graceful. So she says "Hey have you ever jump roped?" I say "Yeah when I was about 10 but I was not great at it." I think the last time I was great at it I was about 9 and could run in and out if other people were turning it which was fun but who enjoys jumping rope alone? So I just quit and moved on to other things like getting the hell knocked out of me in dodgeball or crack the whip. But you know my journey goals are to BE OPEN to learn new things so Im not bored working out therefore I accepted the jump rope and lined myself up with it. First jump my foot got caught and I fell right on my ass in the park.
I did a quick am I hurt no Im not and then burst out laughing hysterically and rolling in the grass. I looked up at the trees and all I could imagine was what those roofers were thinking as they watched my one attempt at the rope and subsequent fall from grace.
Juan: "Wow did you see that?"
Don :"Ouch that looked like it might have hurt."
Juan: "Nah did you see that round mama, she's not hurt, she's so padded she's bouncy! I hope she does it again I like bouncy girls wanna take a smoke break and see what else happens?"

Jenn kept asking "Are you OK?" I finally composed myself and got back up she said "You fell so gracefully." Im sure she was being kind I felt like I fell like a two year old. we moved on to some other torture calisthenics for my legs. Im sure I looked like a wierd kettle ball worshipper lunging from tree to tree holding it over my head. After that was the best part though, THE BOXING PART.

She is moving backwards with the pads I am punching for all Im worth trying to watch my form so she doesn't smack me with the pad in the head for not keeping my hands up, sweat is running in my eyes and I was getting TIE_RED. Just then this purple VW Bug goes by and I see from the corner of my eye two girls howling out the windows as loud as they can "YOU GO GIRL, GIT IT, KILL IT. GOOOOOOO!" that was what I needed I punched jennifer all the way down the sidewalk and then started laughing.

I fell down, I got up, I got cheerleaders, and kept punching when I wanted to give in. It kind of mirrors my life allot of days.

What a perfect day. Thanks GOD


  1. You are amazing. No, seriously amazing. I think we could be friends.

  2. I love this one, Suzy!!! Today, when my run starts kickin' my butt I'm going to imagine a purple bug cheering squad, giggle, and tough it out. <3