Monday, April 18, 2011

Ally 12/6/2008

Work work work today was do lotsa make up at the wood. I did a sweet bride and 2 16 year olds for a winter formal who did not need much as they were already pretty much perfect just because thats the way you wake up. You can slick your hair into a dirty ponytail, still have mascara under your eyes from the day before and be adorable.

Then in comes Ally with her Mom. Immediatly her Mom says she's doing CHemo did they tell you that? I said No but thats OK.

I was a little intimidated. I have never had to do make up on someone who had No hair at all anywhere on her darling face( which by the way was exotically beautiful like the painting the girl with the pearl earring by the dutch master, Van Meers.) not even any lashes.

I didnt show it, I just said a little prayer to myself please let me help her feel beautiful again God.

Well it went very well at one point I had my hand on her forehead and her Mom said she's wearing a wig and I said I know I don't want to traumatize her by pulling it off. Then Ally said I don't want you to be traumatized if it falls off and we laughed and joked about it. I asked her if she had lots of different wigs and she said no she wore just the one she wanted to feel normal like it was real hair.

She's very brave and funny, and charming ,and I just fell in love with her and her Mom.

I had a little trouble with the lashes but finally we were done and she kept looking at herself in the mirror and smiling so I knew she felt better. Her Mom looked at me and said Thank you and her eyes were glistening some so I just hugged them both and said take lots of pictures and if you want to come back Im here for you!

Ally looked happy and as they walked out I almost cried.

I can't imagine being her Mom and seeing her baby go thru all that and being able to do nothing, really to change it. Just something small like teaching her to put lashes on Ally made her feel better tho.

All the stupid stuff I worry about, it really amounts to nothing you know. Heres a 16 year old girl, who just wants to go to a Christmas dance and feel normal. To not have everyone look at her like Cancer girl, just to look at her and see Ally. Ally who likes music, her boyfriend, who has good days and bad days, and loves make up and giggling and being with her friends.

Merry Christmas Ally I hope its magic, and Normal all at the same time.