Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3/31/09 Songbirds where you least expect it.

So there I am on my bi-weekly trip thru Walingworld. I enjoy the grocery shopping as much as I enjoy getting my teeth cleaned but its tolerable. I have my favorite clerks. One is from New Orleans she came here during Katrina and decided to stay. She's always friendly and smiling and remembers you. (They all should Ive been haunting the place since it was built. ) One time I got bald-headed earring guy who tried to tell me I couldn't come in his line because I had 25 items not 20. He and I had words and now he gives me the stink eye every time he see's me. No one in line minded that I had 25 items and Id been in line forever because he was having trouble with the register. We had all been very patient waiting and waiting AND WAITING because his royal majesty had to make sure all the canned foods were all lined up or some sorta nonsense. Anyway I could not believe he was making such a fuss. I'd have snatched him bald headed but he already was so some one else must have beat me to it.

So Im meandering up to the front thinking about all the things I have to do and I hear this wonderful voice singing some Aretha Franklin. Just singing with all her heart. I started smiling and thought that was so fun to hear that joy ringing out over the store. I figured it was someone singing along to their I-pod maybe. But no, it was Janetta the singing Check out girl. So of course now I have to get in her line every time.

I asked her the other day when I walked up "What are your going to sing today?" She belted out some R&B I don't know who it was but it was very good and she sang while she rang stuff up and took my money. I said" Janetta I love to hear you sing when Im in here." She said "Well some people look and act like its killin them to hear me, but one of my customers said "Oh they are just hatin on you because you are SO HAPPY!"
"Why shouldn't I be happy? I woke up in good health, I got a roof over my head, a job to go to, God loves me, I have all the reasons to be happy."
God bless her its changed my shopping experience. Head over to Belle Illse Wal Mart. You won't have to ask for her, just listen for the songbird......

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  1. Oh my goodness, I so want to meet her. Is she still there? I am going over there if she is.