Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wearing a spirit

Saw my friend yesterday. He was wearing these cowboy boots that were really worn and def needed some TLC. I asked "Were those your Dads?" He said "Yeah they are not my size but they fit perfect, I wear them everywhere."
I have 2 old levis jackets that were my Grandfathers. Whenever I wear them its like feeling his arms around me. I also have jewelry that was my grandmothers and everytime I put it on I can see her in the mirror.
Some items just never go out of style, and they give you a flounce to your step, a sparkle to your eyes that you might not have otherwise when you know the person who it belonged to.
When Im at the thrift store and I look at clothes, hats, things like that I always wonder about the person who it belonged to.
We went thrifting yesterday and as I was waiting to check out I looked out and saw all these photos stapled to the wall. All ages, all different kinds school pictures, photgraphs, snapshots.
I said "Who are all those people?" The lady at the desk said "When we get donations and there are pictures in there we staple them to the wall and they become our family."
I bought my son a leather coat and before I gave it to him I put my hands in the pockets to make sure there was nothing in there he didnt need to see. I felt something and pulled it out. It was a little floral card that said " I hope you know I love you..." so I left it in there. A little token from the previous wearer and me...

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  1. What a great post. I am SO happy you are blogging. You are a true writer, my friend.